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GAF Energy Solar Roof Shingle Installation in Plymouth-Canton, MI

Renaissance Roofing, Inc. brings you the future of the sun’s energy and roofing: solar shingles. As a homeowner, you’ll appreciate the seamless solar roofing technology with your traditional roofing–giving your home a powerful, money-saving, and eco-conscious feature. Enjoy significantly reduced electricity bills and potential gain energy credits by pushing excess power back into the grid.

Renaissance Roofing Inc. will meticulously install the revolutionary GAF Energy Timberline Solar™ Shingle. Designed as a nailable shingle, Timberline Solar offers the ultimate blend of functionality and aesthetics. Operate your home on renewable energy and invest in the success of your property.

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Why Choose the GAF Energy Timberline Solar™ 

From their significant energy cost savings to their industry-leading, leak-free designs, these advanced systems represent the pinnacle of modern, integrated solar and roofing technology. These award winning solar shingles are cutting-edge but still simple, meaning quicker, more efficient installations that integrate perfectly with your rooftop, unlike clunky and unsightly traditional rack-mounted solar systems.

Moreover, these roof-integrated solar shingles won't compromise your roof's integrity. Whether you're remodeling your home or building anew, GAF Energy’s Timberline Solar will blend seamlessly with the roof design, enhancing the curb appeal while providing a continuously renewable power source. 

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Solar Roofing Shingle Services in Canton, MI | Renaissance Roofing - Presidents-Color
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Solar Roofing Shingle Services in Canton, MI | Renaissance Roofing - neighborhood-faves-sticker-bleed-5x5
Solar Roofing Shingle Services in Canton, MI | Renaissance Roofing - Singlemaster-Color
Solar Roofing Shingle Services in Canton, MI | Renaissance Roofing - GAF-Solar-1

How Solar Savings Work


Whether you're curious about solar shingle installation or requirements, we've compiled answers to commonly asked questions to assist you in making informed decisions about integrating sustainable energy into your home.

Who can install GAF Energy Solar Shingles?

Only a handful of GAF’s Top Certified Installers are trained to install this product.  Renaissance Roofing, Inc. is a GAF President’s Club installation team, which means that as installers of GAF products, each member of the team is required to pass rigorous standards set forth by the manufacturer to ensure safe and proper handling, installation and maintenance practices.

What tax credits are compatible with GAF Energy Solar roofs?

We encourage roofers and homeowners to consult their tax advisors on all available solar tax incentives. Please click here for the IRS tax bulletin Q & A related to the Federal Energy Tax Credit.

Does my Solar Roof come with a grid connection and if so, who performs the connection?

Timberline Solar is designed to be operated in connection with the electric grid and all electrical connections will be completed by an “in house” GAF Energy representative. Renaissance Roofing, Inc. will install the products on the roof and GAF Energy will finalize the connection.

Does shading around my home affect a solar roofing installation?

Solar power converts sunlight into energy by capturing sunlight rays. Therefore, if a solar power module is blocked from receiving sunlight, it cannot function properly. This is why many solar roofing systems – such as Timberline Solar™ – require optimal exposure to sunlight for maximum efficiency.

Solar installation is not advised for roofs that are heavily shaded by a permanent obstruction such as a building, thick forestation, or anything that may obstruct the sun from the solar panels. This term is known as “extreme” or “hard” shading. For a roof that experiences light shading, depending on the severity of the shading, efforts may be taken to allow for solar installation. Some examples of light shading include a single tree whose shadow moves depending on the sun’s position (known as “sweeping shade”) or whose leaves are thin enough for sunlight to penetrate through. Generating maximum energy can only be achieved when there is no shade present, however the value of installing solar roofing even in the presence of shade can change depending on the specific house and project.

What Solar financing options are available?

Renaissance Roofing Inc. has partnered with Mosaic to provide solar financing to assist homeowners with their energy improvement projects. Traditional financing is available through Enerbank as well as payment by credit card.

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Up to $800 Off

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“This is a great company - all the employees are professional and get the job done in a timely manner. They are also very responsive, which is hard to find these days. Any time you need roof work - you should call Renaissance Roofing!” Cindy Szymanski 5 Star Rating
“Renaissance Roofing recently completed a new roof installation at our home in Plymouth. They did a thorough and professional job. Their owner, Don and his assistant Jack, both followed up extensively while work was under way and were able to resolve any minor issues that arose to our complete satisfaction. They were also very thorough when it came to clean-up. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for new roofing or roof repairs.” Clark Lefurgy, Plymouth, MI 5 Star Rating
“After storm damage to my roof, I decided to replace the entire roof. Don came out and inspected the situation and gave me an estimate for a replacement. His was the third estimate I’d received and Renaissance seemed to be the one I was most comfortable with. Don is very straightforward in his presentation. The work was done very professionally and I was pleased with how detail oriented the crew was. The cleanup was thorough and the new roof looks great. I would strongly recommend Renaissance” William Carney 5 Star Rating
Renaissance roof was A company that was above and beyond professional, knowledgeable, and proactive on protecting my property by offering to tarp my roof. From start to finish this company knew the product, knew how to best solve some current roof problems, and earned my business. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking out a new roof. - M Fassett 5 Star Rating
I have to admit, when I called Renaissance Roofing, for a moment I was hesitant to schedule an appointment because of the $98 inspection fee (it is waved if you hire Renaissance Roofing to do the work). Making that appointment turned out to be the best decision- Don was punctual, knowledgeable, honest and straightforward with me. I know who I am going to call if I have another roof problem! - VC Clarke 5 Star Rating
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We don’t outsource our work. Every team member that works on your roof is a trained and trusted Renaissance Roofing, Inc. employee. This control ensures excellence and consistency in our services.

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At Renaissance Roofing, Inc., we take pride in our craftsmanship. Our quality new roof installations are backed by an extended warranty from the manufacturer, giving homeowners peace of mind.


Our lengthy track record of providing high-quality service is unmatched. We believe in using only the best roofing materials and techniques, ensuring your roof can withstand Michigan’s most severe weather conditions.

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With over a quarter-century’s experience, we’ve seen and mastered it all in roofing. Our experience helps us deliver ideal repairs or complete roof replacement for your home improvements.

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