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GAF Timberline HDZ Solar Energy Shingle System

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We are happy to announce that Renaissance Roofing, Inc. is one of Michigan’s few GAF solar certified installers for the new GAF Timberline HDZ solar energy shingle system – a product from North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. Invest in a roof that protects and installs like a regular roof, but also generates clean energy from a manufacturer with over 130 years of experience. 

With a GAF Timberline HDZ solar roof, you can enjoy the benefits of cost savings, play a role in renewable energy growth, and have peace of mind knowing that your home is protected by a durable roof system without having to compromise the aesthetic appeal of your home. Timberline solar roofs are sleek with no bulky solar panels, unlike clunky and unsightly traditional rack-mounted solar systems. 

GAF’s Timberline HDZ solar roofs create a complete waterproofing and clean energy system. With industry leading, leak-free designs, these advanced roof systems are made to withstand various weather conditions while providing a continuously renewable energy source. This is an investment that will pay for itself overtime. Savings from a solar roof can potentially offset the cost of a new roof due to decreased monthly electric bills and energy tax credit. We encourage homeowners to consult with their tax advisors on all available solar tax incentives.

Please reach out to us at 734-495-0996 if you’re interested or have any questions – we are so excited to be adding solar roofing to our services!